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The Truth About Growth Mindset

Updated: Nov 14

Growth mindset is the mindset that our abilities and knowledge aren't fixed but instead can improve with practice and hard work. Here are a few of my thoughts on the topic:

  1. This does NOT mean time put into something equals your ability. Often, for reasons not always clear, some people have an easier time than others learning something. What it DOES mean is that where ever you are at you can improve.

  2. This does NOT mean all time you put into something helps you improve. For example, if I am watching videos on a topic while also playing a game on my phone I often do not improve on that topic at all. I often see students re-watching content for hours who would probably be better helped by doing practice problems or asking someone questions. The take-away: If you are struggling to improve ask your professor for advice! I often talk with students about what they have tried that has and hasn't worked for them.

  3. We are often a lot more capable of things then we give ourselves credit for! If someone told me in high school I was going to get my PhD in computer science I would not have believed them.

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